27 februari 2013

Over gitaren die alleen vanuit de lucht zijn te zien kun je allerlei flauwe grappen maken, maar het is ook mooi om het verhaal achter deze bijzondere bomenformatie te lezen en te glimlachen om dit Argentijnse eerbetoon:

Breaking up the flat agricultural areas of Argentina’s Pampas is a guitar formed entirely out of trees. Stretching for 2/3 of a mile (1km), the multi-colored instrument was created by one Argentine farmer to memorialize his wife. Crushed by the loss of his love, a few years later Pedro Martin Ureta (owner) began working on designing a guitar in his field that could be seen from above by airplane. He settled on the design because his late wife loved the instrument and he wanted to memorialize her on his land.
Working tirelessly to plant and cultivate the trees, Ureta created a perfect guitar shape, complete with a star-shaped hole in the middle. Using mostly cypress trees to form the outline, Ureta used blue eucalyptus trees to accent the strings on the neck of the guitar. Easily visible from airplanes, the guitar brings joy to many who fly over the Pampas.

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Via 8 Unforgettable Examples of Land Art