Boeken in het tijdperk van de iPad

30 juni 2011

De auteur, Craig Mod, noemt zichzelf de afwashulp van Flipboard. De manier waarop hij het onderwerp papieren boek versus iPad benadert spreekt tot mijn verbeelding. Boeken hebben de toekomst. Sommige boeken althans.

From 2003-2009 I spent six years trying to make beautiful printed books. Six years. Focused on printed books. In the 00s. And I loved it. I loved the process. The finality of the end product. I loved the sexy-as-hell tactility of those little ink and paper bricks. But I can tell you this: the excitement I feel about the iPad as a content creator, designer and publisher — and the potential it brings — must be acknowledged. Acknowledged bluntly and with perspective.
With the iPad we finally have a platform for consuming rich-content in digital form. What does that mean? To understand just why the iPad is so exciting we need to think about how we got here.

Books in the Age of the iPad. Astamblaft.